Bronze sculptures and bronze art using people, birds and animals with a flair for detail and elegance by Tamara

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Bronze Process


A rubber mold filled with wax produces a red wax replica of the artistís original sculpture.  The work is immersed in silica sand and water slurry up to 12 times to build up a ceramic shell.  The piece is then kiln-fired to harden the shell and melt the wax out.

Gas-fired furnaces melt the bronze at a temperature of 2,200 degrees.  The molten metal is then poured into the ceramic shell and left to cool. After the bronze cools, workers break off the shell.

Next, the staff finishes the piece to match the artistís technique and style.  The sculpture can then be painted, a chemical and heat process that results in a variety of different colors, or painted and finished however the artist desires.

Large works are poured in pieces and the staff uses a fine welding process to assemble the sections, leaving virtually no seams.


Contact The artist: (208) 818 - 7585

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