Bronze sculptures and bronze art using people, birds and animals with a flair for detail and elegance by Tamara

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Public Displays

"Three Ring Circus"
Height 3'   Width 3' 

Currently showing at the Sculpture Walk in Castlegar, B.C., Canada

         It makes sense that the natural world and its wildlife would become the subject of Tamara’s artwork. “Often animal subjects like the grizzly are portrayed as vicious fearful enemies.” she says “For the sake of fairness and preservation, it is important to me to represent all sides of their nature, including the playful qualities that make these complex creatures so endearing.  As an artist in love with nature, I have a passion to communicate the whole truth about the wildlife around me."

         “Three Ring Circus” Schweigert’s bronze vignette of a mother bear and her three exuberant cubs, captures the artist’s vision of bears in their undisturbed natural state. “Bear cubs, like human children have different needs and personalities, ‘says Schweigert, “so the Mother bear has her hands (paws) full, just like a human mother.  “As any parent can attest, raising children with unique personalities can feel like a ‘three ring circus.”

         “This ever-watchful mother bear conveys a spirit of vigilance and acceptance that exemplifies her inborn maternal commitment.”  Tamara comments, adding that an additional source of inspiration was her own Mother, who successfully raised five children.




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